Essential Fatty Acids or EFA’s boost fatburning! So why have we become fat phobic?

When we eat saturated fat we either burn it for energy or store it as fat.  On the other hand, when we eat essential unsaturated fats from seeds, their oils and oily fish, the brain and nerves use them, they boost immunity, balance hormones, reduce inflamation and promote healthy skin.  Only if there are any left we use the EFA’s for energy or store it as fat.

Essential fats reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, eczema, depression, fatigue, infections, PMS etc…If you are fat phobic you are depriving yourself of essential health-giving nutrients.

Unless you go out of your way to eat the right kinds of fat-rich foods, such as seeds, nuts and fish, the chances are that you are not getting enough fat. Most people eat too much saturated fat, the kind that kills, and too little off essential fats, the kinds that heal.

Have you ever wondered why you crave fatty food, e.g. crisps, chips, cakes, buscuits?  We naturally crave fat in the same we as we crave protein or water.  However only when you eat the right fat – the essential kind – does your body stop craving.


Too much saturated fat can lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes and puts extra stress on the body’s metabolism.

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Not all saturated fats are the same.  Research indicates that coconut oil is likely to reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your cholesterol. help you to lose weight and rejuvenate your skin.

The worst fats are those you find in processed and junk food or in deep-fried foods.  These are called transf fats and hydrogenated fats.


Refining and processing vegetable oils can change the nature of the polyunsaturated oil.  A process called hydrogenation.  Most margerines contain hydrogenated polyunsaturated oils so are best avoided.   Although the fat is technically polyunsaturated, the body cannot make use of it  and even worse, blocks the body’s ability to use healthy polyunsaturated oils.

Frying is another way to damage otherwise healthy oils.  Frying or heating can also make these oils rancid or oxidised – another reason to cook with coconut oil.  Coconut oil can be heated without turning rancid.

Some manufactured foods contain trans fats so check the ingredients carefully!

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