Personal Pilates


Do you have an injury or medical condition, and would like to start Pilates but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re expecting a baby, or maybe you’re just nervous of going to a group Pilates class.

One-to-one, personal Pilates tuition is a great way to learn in a way that is tailored to you.

Individual tuition makes sure you have excellent technique and can get the very best out of your Pilates practice for your individual needs.  All the Pilates moves can be adapted to suit each individual.

Davina trained with The Pilates Institute in 2000 and has since qualified in Pre-and-Post-Natal Pilates with Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute, so she is well placed to help!

Davina teaches all abilities from beginner to advanced, including all sorts of different injuries. She will teach you the basic Pilates technique and movements and gradually add to that as you get stronger. She will be put together personal programme to suit your ability (including any injuries), so that together you can focus on strengthening the muscles to support your weaker areas.

One-to-one Pilates tuition can be carried out in Davina’s own studio at her home near Goffs Oak, or she can visit your home if you live within a ten mile radius.

Only £30 per session

Davina will travel within a 10 mile radius at an additional £10 per session

Please contact Davina for more information and to book yourself a one-to-one session.



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