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I have always been inspired by the people who run the Marathon especially last year when my friend Donna Lee ran.  After an emotional year with losing both parents, Donna found it difficult to train properly but still took the challenge of  the London Marathon.  It was a struggle and a very emotional experience for Donna but she power walked the 26.2 miles and completed it in 6.5 hours!

The Children’s Trust were looking for runners.

Taken from The Children’s Trust website….’We provide expert rehabilitation, education, therapy and care at our specialist centre in Tadworth, supporting children and families from across the UK. We also offer services in communities around the country and online support for parents. Please support us and make a difference to children with brain injury.’  

I have done voluntary work for The Children’s Trust before and earlier this year had the privilege of visiting the hospital in Tadworth.  I was amazed at how much the The Children’s Trust helped the children and also their families.  There were even special housing for the parents and local schools for siblings so all the family could be together through the rehabilitation.

After a couple of days of thinking and remembering how inspired Donna had made me feel I decided to take the plunge.  I signed up on 30th November 2013!

Before signing up I googled the Marathon training schedules and considered if I would be able to fit in the training.  I workout most mornings and weekends anyway so thought I would have time although I knew it would be tough.  I hadn’t done too much running lately so I knew I had to change my weight training workouts to running workouts but keep a couple of core and strength workouts in. 

I also realised that I would be training through the coldest months of the year.   Through my teanage years,  I owned my own horses and would have to look after them in all sorts of weather.  This was part of my life for 26 years so I thought if I could do that I’m sure I could train in the cold for only four months.

I checked out my running gear and  invested in some thermals, warm socks, gloves and hats and I was ready.

I went on my first run on Saturday, 1st December.  I only did 3 mile but it felt good and I was looking forward to starting my training.


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