Personal Food Diary Analysis


Are you battling with trying to lose weight and not sure where you may be going wrong?

Do you feel tired, bloated or not yourself?

Would you like to improve your wellbeing?

An analysis of your personal food diary could really help.

Davina offers private consultations focused on coming up with specific, achievable and realistic goals to improve your wellbeing through your eating habits.

“I feel much healthier, fitter and more energetic! I even seem to have kicked my terrible snacking habit – not completely, but I’m sticking to healthy snacks now, that keep me going for longer! I’ve tried some of Davina’s lovely recipes and am really enjoying all the healthy food I’m eating.” (Viv)

Davina will send you a 7-day food diary to complete and return before your consultation. During your consultation, you will work together to choose realistic goals to improve your lifestyle. Your consultation can either be done face-to-face or over the telephone.

Personal food diary analysis – £30.

Why not combine this with some personal training or Personal Pilates to help you meet your goals in a co-ordinated way?

Please contact Davina if you would like her support

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