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I often get asked what I put in my smoothie.

A smoothie can be a great start to the day  but if you are not making the right choices then a healthy drink can turn into an unhealthy drink.

Are you creating a sugar bomb?

You should aim for 70/30 ratio of green vegetables to fruit or even better, 80/20.

I have also been asked what is best to put into a smoothie to give us energy.  When I say healthy fats I get a surprised look as people often think it would be fruit.  Fruit will give you a quick energy lift but adding some healthy fats will prolong that energy for longer.  It will also slow down the absorption of the sugar within the smoothie keeping our blood sugar levels balanced.  And is great for the skin.

BENEFITS of a Green Smoothie

  1.  Extra vitamins and minerals.
  2. Extra fibre using all the fruit rather and juicing.
  3. Great way of packing in some extra vegetables and fruit.
  4. Quick all in one meal.
  5. Low in calories.
  6. Energy provider.


1/2 banana plus 1 portion of another fruit e.g some pineapple chunks, apple, mango, pineapple, pears

4 handfuls of green vegetables e.g. spinach, kale, broccoli

Some cucumber

1 tbsp ground seed mix or spoonful of avocado for healthy fats

Almond/Coconut Milk  and Water

Spoonful of Greek Yoghurt (optional)

Optional handful of oats can be used for extra fibre to keep you fuller for longer.

Optional greens drink and protein shake

And enjoy!





Lorna started the New Year with a goal in mind to become healther and fitter and that’s exactly what she is doing! Lorna had been attending Pilates classes in Northaw.

Just over halfway through the Revitalise Silver programme and Lorna has lost a stone!

To increase her fitness Lorna has taken on new exercise classes and now attends the Revitalise workout class on a Tuesday at 7pm in Goffs Oak.

Lorna’s words:

I am really pleased with everything so far, the meals and the weight loss. Loving some of the recipes and I’ve not really been one for cooking either but I’m enjoying experimenting with food. I can certainly seeiing the benefits and it is working really well for me.

I would recommend it to anyone, like any healthy lifestyle programme you HAVE to be really disciplined and focused with it to make it work with the outcome you want.

I have to admit I do find the Revitalise class more challenging than the Pilates classes I attend, however I know that I am going to feel better afterwards.  I feel that I am becoming more flexible from doing the exercises and toning up, plus it is helping with my weight loss.  Again you have to plan this into the week and know that on certain nights you need to be committed to it for it to work effectively.

For my family life,  everyone has their own agenda, however when I cook my meals I do it in bulk, everyone else is keen to try them so they are also participating in the new healthier meals I am using for myself. They have enjoyed all the dishes I have prepared which means I can continue to make them, then it will be easier for all of us.  Everyone in my family has been really supportive and I am showing them how they can also improve their lifestyle.

Being part of the online Revitalise community you feel like you have got more support. The recipes are really useful and also I have learnt a lot from the research information offered. Davina has been giving weekly feedback and suggestions all the way through the programme with a huge amount of praise and encouragement which keeps the motivation and willpower going.  

I will stick to the liquid chlorophyll plus investigate some other options to help with my new healthy lifestyle. I feel this has become a new lifestyle for me and I will definitely continue with the program during the week days as it helps with my working day.  

The Revitalise programm has helped me get into a much better routine than before. I would also like lose a little more weight say another half a stone, if possible. I think until you have personally tried something yourself you cannot assume or speculate. For the best results you have to be 100% committed to the plan for it to work.

If you would like to know more about the Revitalise programme then do not hesitate to contact Davina.